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Super Sized Silly
Silly Billy - David Kaye

Bestellnummer: 20-5829
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Dieses Buch ist DIE Investition in Ihren "Marktwert"!

Zu praktisch jedem Auftrag, den Sie als Kinderzauberer erhalten können, finden Sie genau hier hochgradig professionelles Material!

Das Beste vom Besten - erklärt von den Besten der Besten!

Big News! Announcing the long-awaited brand new book from Silly Billy. It's called Super Sized Silly. That's because it weighs in at an impressive 400 pages! It contains 75 lessons to make you a better kid show magician, plus 152 routines by 104 different magicians. With 152 routines, you can create 10 completely different one hour shows. Ten new shows from one book? This may be the last magic book you will ever need!

Featuring routines by kid show stars Mike Bent, Ken Scott, Doug Scheer, Master Payne, Terry Herbert, Jozo Bozo, Mark Daniel, Jim Kleefeld, Buster Balloon, Chris Capehart, John Bundy, Terry Parrett, and Norm Barnhart. Plus kid show routines from David Williamson, Eric Meed, David Oliver, Michael Finney and Max Maven.

From 2000-2008 David Kaye wrote a monthly column in Magic magazine about performing magic for children. In each of his 100 columns he taught a principle in kids magic and then taught a routine that uses that principle. The routines came from the best kid show magicians from all over the world. In 2012 David began the task of updating and expanding each column and turning these columns into a book. This is that book.

The book is completely indexed so that you can easily find a routine for any classic trick that you want to put to your show. Just check the index, find a great routine, put it in your show, and you're done! Even if you only get five new routines from this book it will have more than paid for itself. But you will get so much more.

Silly Billy's last book, Seriously Silly, was a huge critical and commercial success. Many magicians feel it is the best book ever written on children's magic. And magicians have been waiting years to read the next book from Silly Billy (David Kaye). And here it is.

Englischsprachiges Buch, Festeinband, farbiger Schutzumschlag, Großformat 22 x 29 cm, 387 Seiten, illustriert mit s/w-Zeichnungen und s/w-Fotos.


Chapter 1 – – Basic Techniques For Entertaining Children With Magic

If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands
It’s Not the Destination, It’s the Ride (David Kaye)

Hey Bozo, Are You Blind!!??
Understanding Look, Don’t See (Bruce Bray)

I Know There’s A Snake In That Snake Can, You Snake!
Combating “I Know That One” (Mike Bent)

K.I.S.S. Me
Keep Your Plots Simple (Eric Mead)

Something Familiar, Something Peculiar
Use Props That Are Familiar To Children (David Callahan)

There’s No Business Like Bits Of Business
Adding Bits of Business To Your Show (Conny Ray)

We Will Be Cruising At A Decibel Level Of “Loud”
Warm-ups And Pre-Show Silliness (Terry Herbert)

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
Creating A Great Warm-Up (Tiziano Medici)

Chapter 2 – – Advanced Techniques For Entertaining Children With Magic

Adults Are People Too
Entertain The Adults In the Audience (Michael Stroud)

Creating Magical Moments Is As Easy As ABC
How To Put Strong Magical Moments In Your Show (Ralph Metzler)

What A Long, Strange Trick It’s Been
Justify Your Use Of Strange-Looking Props (Jim Kleefeld)

Dr. Silly’s Miracle Elixir
Using A Child And Adult Together (Tim Hannig)

This Damn Reel Is Acting Up
Using The Principle Of The Ornery Prop (Warren Stephens)

I’ll Be Back
Putting Stuff On Your Helper’s Back (Jeff Bibik)

Chapter 3 – – Audience Management Using Your Routines

Sir! Abracadabra, Sir!
Teach The Rules Of The Show With Your Routine (Robert Baxt)

Silence Of The Ma’ams
Keep The Adults Quiet By Using Lots Of Kids In Your Show (Wally Boyce)

Ho, Ho, Hold It Down Back There
More Help Keeping The Adults Quiet (Ken Scott)

Silly Billy So Silly, Banana Fana Fo Filly
How To Get The Children To Remember Your Name (Rafael)

Chapter 4 – -How To Create Original Magic Routines

Nothing Routine About It
Matching Your Routines To Your Character (Warren Stephens)

Three Courses Makes A Meal
How To Build A Routine (Terry Herbert)

Normal Prop, Great Routine
Keep Working With That Prop (Richard Lyn)

Fickle, False, And Dead One
You Can Get Lots Of Entertainment From Small Props (Eric Henning)

Hat. Hit. Hurt.
How To Turn A Short Gag Into A Longer Routine (David Charles)

She Screamed Her Last Words, “All The Zombies Look The Same!”
Create A New Trick By Changing The Props (John Dixon)

They’re Finger Stickin’ Good
Create A Routine For Kids By Replacing Props From the Adult World (Tony Brent)

Ketchup Goes With Fries
Match Your Bits Of Business To The Routine (Shabum)

The Light And Heavy Toy Chest. Bill In Binky. Sawing A Donut In Half.
Use Plots From Adult Routines And Change The Props (John Cassidy)

Misers Dream About Pots Of Gold
Use Plots From Adult Routines And Change The Props. (Lenny Lombardo)

Double Vision
Use Two of the Same Props To Create A New Routine (Multiple)

The Great Gig In The Sky
Link Two Different Routines Together To Create A Brand New Routine (Ramon Gomez)

Delicious Marshmallows Over The Head
Link Two Different Routines Together To Create A Brand New Routine, Again (Michael Thomas)

Cinderella, Kermit, And Darth Vader Walk Into A Bar
Kids Love It When You Reference Pop Culture (Mike Bent)

Chapter 5 – -Using Storytelling Techniques To Enhance Your Routines

Tell Me About It!
How To Add Storytelling Elements To Your Routines (Krystyn Lambert)

A Likely Story!
Masquerade Your Sucker Tricks Within A Story (Greg McMahan)

A Visit From The North (Pom-Pom) Pole
Relate Your Stories To The Lives Of Children (Terry Parrett)

Eyes On The Surprise
Using The Element Of Surprise In Your Routines (Eric Paul)

An Introduction To The End
Creating An Ending To Your Routine (Michael Sondermeyer)

Chapter 6 – – Routines For Specific Audiences

We Don’t Need Cropsey. I Will Kill Your Counselor Myself
Performing Danger Tricks At Summer Camps (David Levitan)

Pray Hold Forth An Appendage, Nay, Nay The Unsoiled One.
Performing Magic At Renaissance Fairs (Master Payne)

Donde Esta La Tienda De Magia?
Performing Magic For Spanish-Speaking Families (Mike Gomez)

Tween, Tween, the Fear Machine
Performing Magic for Tweens (Terry Parrett)

Nigerian Prince Shares Huge Inheritance
How To Handle The Know-It-All Older Children (Chris Capehart)

Chapter 7 – – Routines For School And Library Shows

Too Legit To Fit
Teaching Tolerance And Diversity in Schools (Doug Scheer)

Make Moolah In Schoolah
A School Show Routine On Paying A Compliment (Doug Scheer)

Teaching The Invisible
How To Teach Invisible Concepts To Children (Doug Scheer)

New Routines Taught Here On Every Page
Teaching In School Shows Using A Paper Tear (John Tudor)

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Illiterate Fish
How To Teach In A Reading Show (Mark Daniel)

Read ‘Em And Reap (The Rewards)
Another Great Reading Show Routine (Tommy Johns)

Chapter 8 – – Kid Show Kalendar: Routines For Every Holiday Of The Year

Kid Show Calendar Introduction

The Mother Of All Hat Tear Routines
A Routine For Mother’s Day (Ken Johanson)

Who’s Your Daddy?
A Routine To Celebrate Father’s Day (David Oliver)

Father Knows Best
Another Great Routine For Father’s Day (Dave Mayer)

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all children are not created equal. Some are real monsters!
A Routine For the Fourth Of July (John Bundy)

Summer Routines Introduction

Drowning in Great Ideas
Hilarious And Fun Water Tricks (Mark Byrne)

Boys And Girls It’s Spilly Billy!
More Hilarious And Fun Water Tricks (Don Miller)

Water, Water Everywhere
An Insane Water Routine From A Boat (Dave Arch)

More Messy Magic
More Wet Magic Routines (Gay Ljungberg)

Halloween Routines Introduction

Don’t Be Scared To Theme Your Show for Halloween
A Terrific Halloween Routine (John Bundy)

Theme! Scream! Halloween!
More Great Halloween Routines (John Bundy)

Best Name For A Drackula Duck: Count Quackula or Count Duckula?
Still More Great Halloween Routines (Mike Bent)

Happy Hallow-Tween
Voodoo Halloween Magic Just For Tweens (Terry Parrett)

Trick or Trick
Lots Of Great Halloween Ideas (Don Miller)

I See A G-G-G-G- Ghost!
Still More Great Halloween Ideas (Tony Daniels)

Here Is A Trick Or Treat Bag Full of Goodies
Are You Kidding! Still More Great Halloween Routines (Multiple)

Christmas-Time Routines Introduction

It’s A Great Day To Go To The Poles
Two Great Routines About The North Pole (Jack Skrip)

Ho, Ho, Ho-ly cow I have a lot of shows in December!
Two More Hilarious Christmas-time Routines (Mark Strivings)

How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Plus A Stocking Full of Magical Christmasy Ideas (Dean Carnegie)

Question: What do you call someone who is afraid of Christmas?
Can You Believe It? Another Christmas-Worthy Routine! (Jeff Russ)

Christmas Wish List: A Wooden Box With A Giant Die In It
A Great Christmas Show Routine With A Die Box (Chuck Lehr)

Look What Santa Brought You In His Sack
Eight More Amazing Holiday Routines (Multiple)

Chapter 9 Not Normally Done For Kids

Introduction To Close-up Magic For Kids

All right, Mr. Kaye, I’m ready for my close-up
Performing close-up magic for children. (Trixie Bond)

Is this your Yu-Gi-Oh! Card?
More Close-Up Magic For Kids (Trixie Bond)

All This But No Toothpick
A Great Card Trick For Kids (David Williamson)

Introduction to Mentalism For Kids

How much is that doggy in the window?
Two Amazing Mentalism Routines For Children (Doug Green)

Psst! What’s the answer to number 4?
Four More Mentalism Routines For Kids (Doug Green)

The Cards Say, “Work Harder in School”
Motivational Magic For Children (Robert Wong)

Continue Schooling. I’m not Fu Ling
Performing Motivational Magic For Pre-teens (John Tudor)

A magic show for kids? Get me outta here!
Performing Escape Routines For Children (Jens Bjørn)

Chapter 10 – – Unusual Choices For Your Character

Taking Candy From Strangers
Turn Your Audience Against You (Jozo Bozo)

I thought it was saliva, but it’s not
Performing Routines With Gross Out Humor (Don Russell)

A Little Sponge Bunny! Isn’t That Funny
Performing In Rhyming Patter (James Agostini)

A Case of Multiple Personalities
Creating Many Different Characters and Shows (Andres Hinojosa)

The More The Merrier
Performing A Show With Multiple Actors (Ron Manoviec)

Chapter 11 – – Exploring A Single Effect

The Chameleon of Magic Tricks
Here Is A Trick You Can Customize For Any Show (Ken Scott)

There’s Thumb-thing about Jozo
A Great Routine Using The Thumb Tip (Jozo Bozo)

Tie up your Summer Performing Problems With a Rope Trick
A Silly Routine For Professor’s Nightmare (Magic Al Garber)

The Professor’s Real Nightmare
Several Interesting Versions of Professor’s Nightmare (Multiple)

Let’s Eat, Grandpa! Or Is It Let’s Eat Grandpa?
Two Very Different Routines For The Same Trick (Multiple)

A Trick That Repeats On You
Examining Six Card Repeat (Nick Brown)

He who spelt it, dealt it
The Versatility Of A Spelling Test Routine (Dal Sanders)

(Milo And)Roger, Bugs, Peter, and Thumper
Producing A Rabbit In A Meaningful Way (Norm Barnhart)

Chapter 12 – – Magic Routines Paired With Allied Arts

Magic Tricks With a Twist
Performing Magic Tricks With Balloons (Buster Balloon)

Two sixty, or not two sixty, that is the question-
Twisting A Rabbit In The Hat Balloon (Tom Vorjohan and Daniel Herron)

Talk To The Hand
Using Puppets In Your Magic Show (Dave Allen)

Penn And Tenor
Using Music In Your Show (Ken Scott)

In a Senti-Mental Epic Mood
A Great Magic Routine That Uses Music (Kerry Pollack)

Chapter 13 – – Advice From Surprising Sources

A Finney Thing Happened On The Way To The Theme Park
Michael Finney Talks About His Days Performing Family Shows (Michael Finney)

Kids Magic To The Max
Max Maven On Kids Magic (Max Maven)



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