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Masterclass 5-DVD-Set
Roberto Giobbi

Bestellnummer: 90-6189
Unser Preis: € 79,00
inkl. 19% MwSt.
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If I have not be clear enough, let me restate the obvious: this Masterclass by Giobbi is fantastic and at $15 a DVD (when you buy all 5) it is the steal of the century. This will stand the test of time and it is a wonderful resource to have and to watch over and over again.
Straight Talk Magic, Reviewer

Introducing THE best way to build a card magic foundation. Twenty years ago, Roberto Giobbi, card magic's most distinguished author, wrote Card College, a series of books now considered THE Bibles on card magic. This video series is the next step.

In five volumes covering five major areas of card magic (Controls, Switches, Palms, Forces, False Shuffles), Giobbi teaches his favorite entries from Card College as well as new techniques not described in those volumes. If you have Card College and are studying it, this is the PERFECT video companion. If you've never read Card College, this series is like having Mr. Giobbi in your living room giving you private instruction.

You won't just learn all the wonderful and important sleights in card magic, you'll also learn the fine points, finesses, and subtleties of each one, so that you carry out the techniques the way connoisseurs do: with invisible precision.

We release a small amount of original content each year, but Card Magic Masterclass will be an enduring resource - a legacy, perhaps - to magicians for years to come. Thanks to Roberto Giobbi, magicians have an at-home academy to master ALL the important techniques in card magic. It's time to take your card magic seriously. It's time to start your Card Magic Masterclass.

5 DVDs plus slipcase. Running time: 8 hours 11 minutes approximately.


Disc One – Controls


SINGLE CARD CONTROLS: Break Control, The McMillen Control, Post-Peek Overhand Shuffle, Control, Double Undercut Control, Parallel Shift, Goldin Pass, Accidental Pass, Mathematical Controls

MULTIPLE CARD CONTROLS: Lateral Insertion Multiple Shift, Bluff Multiple Shift, Vernon Multiple Shift, Envoy

Disc Two – Switches


TOP CHANGES: Conradi-Elliot Top Change, Deal Top Change, Hofzinser Top Change, Nth Top Card Change, Jinx Switch

MULTIPLE LIFTS AND TURNOVERS: Cliff Green Double Turnover, Vernon-Kaps Double Turnover, Hand-Spread Double Turnover, Center Double Lift, Replacements

FALSE DEALS: Vernon Second Deal

HAND SPREAD SWITCHES: The Card-Spread Switch, The Fred Kaps Switch

VARIOUS SWITCHES: The Mexican Turnover, Simplified Curry Turnover Change, Envelope Switch

Disc Three - False Shuffles and Cuts

FALSE CUTS: False Swing Cuts, Jennings Cut, Flip Flap Cut, Actus lnteruptus, False Cut, Triple Undercut, Educational Cut, Jay Ose Triple False Cut, Filipino Freddie Hop, Combination Cut

FALSE OVERHAND SHUFFLES: Stock Controls, Over-and-Under False Shuffle, Hunter-Vernon False Shuffle, Frank Lane False Shuffle, Dolahuso Shuffle, Optical Shuffle, Greek Shuffle

FALSE RIFFLE SHUFFLES: Stock Shuffles, In-the-Hands False Shuffle, Zarrow Shuffle, Push Through Shuffle




Disc Four - Palms

TOP PALMS: Topping the Deck, One-Hand Palm, Professor Lowey Palm

BOTTOM PALMS: Due Tempi Palm, Double Undercut Palm, End-Over-End Bottom Palm, Gamblers Cop, Vernon-Erdnase Palm, Bottom Palm Replacements

SIDE STEALS: Side Steal, Marlo Clip Steal, Covers for the Side Steal, Side Slip, Diagonal Palm Shift

VARIOUS: Vernon Palm to Palm Transfer, Palm Transfers in Pocket and Jacket, A Useful Aquitment

Disc Five - Forces

NON-TECHNICAL FORCES: Criss-Cross Force Plus, The Kaps Force, Two-Card Force

CUT FORCES: Direct Cut Force, Packet Force, Riffle Force

TABLE SPREAD FORCES: Trojan Horse Force, Charlie Miller Table- Spread Force, Classic Laydown-Force, Toss Force, Ribbon Spread Force, Outs

FORCES WITH PROPS: Under the Hank Force, McMillen Knife Force, Credit Card Force

DRIBBLE FORCES: Classic Dribble Force, Vernon Scallop Short Force, Vernon Transfer Move Force, Bossi's Milking the Force

Englischsprachiges DVDs, 5 DVDs, Laufzeit 8 Std. 11. Min.

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