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Mentalism Presentations

Bestellnummer: 20-6646
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Presentations and Justifications in mentalism are topics towards which we don't pay much attention to.

We tend to forget that its only our words that stay with our audience. Therefore, Aazan has filled this book with scripts hoping that with the help of presentations will aid performers to justify their procedures.

Justifications for such as:

WHY should the spectator write down their thought?
WHY do we touch the billet?
WHY do we need to tear the billet for a center tear?
WHY dp we put the billet inside our peek wallet?
WHY do we go back to the wallet?

And not just that. Injecting presentations in classic methods such as acidus novus, billet switches, Nail writer and much more, to improve the existing effects and make them more entertaining and engaging.

For those who like to use playing cards in mentalism, there are scripts and ideas to create very clean, direct and powerful effects without sleights.

A section on audience engagement in which there are ideas provided which can be used by the stage performer to engage the maximum possible audience.

Finally, bonus presentational ideas for effects like Double Cross, Invisible touch, Svengali Pads, PIN reveals. and a bonus effect for iPhone users which is a self working and impromptu principle to create clean and direct effects such as book tests, thought of card, star sign divinations etc, all without the use of any magic apps!

Some of the topics includes:

Write it down
Billet Switches
Center Tear
The Swami
Peek Wallets
Playing Cards
Audience Engagement
Additional Presentational Ideas
Bonus: Failsafe

All the material in this book can be used right away by any level of performer. Whether you're an experienced performer, you can definitely find presentations in here and customize it to your needs. Or, if you're starting out in mentalism, then this book will be a great way to understand the significance of presentations to help you become a better performer.

Englischsprachiges Buch, Format ca. 21 x 15 cm.

Aazan is a deep thinker and has a wonderful understanding of how our audiences think too. Lucky for us he shares his insights in this important book. Justification is an extremely useful tool in the creation of believable miracles and Aazan has crafted some really excellent ideas. There are loads of books about HOW to do what we do but very rare are the books that discuss WHY we do it! This is one of the rare ones and may even change how you think about mentalism.
Marc Paul

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